March 29, 2011

I just listed this amazing vintage red leather motorcycle jacket. It is so well made, zippered slash pockets, a quilted lining and even a secret pocket inside. It has it all. Anyways recently I started playing tetris on my cell phone on the way to work everyday, I have gotten really obsessed with it. It isn't just normal tetris, different levels have ledges and split screens and magnets screwing up your gameboard as you play, the graphics in the background are of tornados and volcanos, they really tried to make it intense. Yesterday I got to a level that I could not beat, I was convinced it was unbeatable. If anyone was looking over my shoulder on the subway they must have thought I was crazy, I just kept hitting the retry button over and over and almost missed my stop. I kept talking about it at work while everyone gave me the side eye. Then I beat it on the way home today, it was a small triumph I suppose. I had forgotten how much I like video games. Although I should probably be reading a book instead. 

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  1. I say stick with the games, they keep your mind sharp!