May 29, 2012

All new in the shop! It is so hot here right now, humid too, it's too much really. I wish so badly on days like this that I had a swimming pool, I would love it. I need a library book, an arnold palmer and a swimming pool, that would be great. 

May 22, 2012

All new in the shop today! So today was super stressful, I went to the post office to mail etsy packages but when I tried to pay they seemed to be having some trouble with their credit card machines. I swiped my card and it didn't work so the lady took it and swiped it again and again trying to get it to work. I finally had to leave and walk to an atm so I could pay with cash, I was alarmed when I got to the bank at how little was in my bank account. When I got home I went online to see why the balance was so low, I saw that every time she swiped my card it took $128.23 from my account over and over again depleting all my funds. I called the bank and they told me to go back to the post office but when I did they couldn't do anything about it, the transactions weren't showing up in their system. I called the bank again and they said that since they were debit card transactions they were pending and couldn't do anything until they clear and then I am hoping they will refund the money. I have to call them back over the next couple of days to try to fix it. I'm sure this sort of thing must not be too uncommon, I'm just going to be more paranoid from now on whenever someone runs my credit card through a machine more than once. yikes.