August 31, 2011

New items in the shop today. I LOVE the long dress at the top, its cotton and from the 1970s, it can fit a whole range of sizes due to the loose fit. Anyways, there was a hurricane that just happened this past week, I heard they were shutting down the subways in New York in preparation for it so I went to CT for the weekend. Then I got stuck there because the metro north train tracks were flooded. All the basements were flooded, a frog jumped in through the window of my brother's basement and it was hopping around in the water. My sister-in-law Jenny was swinging a broom at it so to help I googled what to do when a frog gets into your house. I read that frogs go to the bathroom a lot and that their excrement looks just like rat poop. When I relayed that information to her from the top of the stairs it caused her to freak out even more. I saw lots of downed trees, some even crushing houses. I went to a thrift store where the power was out and they were taking cash only. It was weird to shop in the dark. 

So now I am in Brooklyn and it's back to normal. I just got back from taking Jason for a walk, when I entered my building I paused at a strange object on the floor right inside the doorway. It took me a moment to realize it was three quarters of a charred hot dog that someone must have stepped on crushing it into the rug. My building never ceases to gross me out, every day there is something new. Someday I will live somewhere nice. Someday! 

August 26, 2011

I just listed these 1970s platforms in the shop, aren't they the coolest? The platform is 4 1/2" tall. 

August 25, 2011

All new in the shop today! I am trying to list more Fall items lately, I have been gravitating towards an early eighties new england vibe. Navy blue, tan, plaid, basically things that look like they could be LL Bean. Besides that last night I had dinner at Josh and Joya's apartment in Park Slope, Joya is an amazing cook. She cooked vegan chorizo sausage from scratch, polenta, and broccoli rabe. Then they made chocolate peanut butter ice cream with their ice cream maker. It blew my mind! I should make more of an effort to cook I've realized, it was really inspiring. They also lent me book one of the Game of Thrones series which I started reading on the train. I am very lucky to have such rad friends.

August 23, 2011

Some new shoes and bags in the shop tonight. How weird is it that there was an earthquake here today? I didn't feel it though, I was on a train and it wasn't any more shaky than usual. 

August 19, 2011

Some recently listed items in the shop! In other news yesterday was my birthday, it was super fun. I got a manicure, had vietnamese food with my friend Josh and then had drinks with Valerie and Bree. We went to a place called Nights and Weekends and I loved it, I had a drink that was so good, it was made from oronoco rum, passionfruit puree, cocchi americano, lime and velvet falernum. I didn't really know what half the ingredients were but it was delicious. 

August 11, 2011

I just added some cotton 1950s dresses to the shop as well as some sky blue ferragamos and a mini coach bag.

August 10, 2011

I found this scrapbook yesterday in a thrift store, it is mainly full of cats, there are a few pages of bears as well. It's from the 1940s. I love old scrapbooks, I was so psyched to find this one. Right after we left the thrift store I was driving and came to a sign that said the road was closed and it pointed towards a detour down a road I had never been on. On that road we passed a street sign that said "Bee Mountain Road" and it made me wish I lived on a street with a name as good as that one.

Yesterday was weird, I woke up super tired from having lost lots of sleep due to my neighbors fighting at 4 am on the other side of my bedroom wall. I was so angry about it, I eventually fell back asleep and had angry dreams. When I woke up I was so out of it. I took Jason outside so that he could go to the bathroom, he usually pees right away on either the pay phone or the street sign outside our front door. I was standing there waiting for him to go completely oblivious to the fact that someone was being arrested only a few feet away. As I realized it I looked around and saw a silent crowd of people gathered watching. A man was in handcuffs and four police officers were there, one was pushing down on the man's head to get him into the back seat of the cop car. He was yelling "I just woke up, I just left my house!" I guess he was saying he hadn't had enough time to commit a crime? Living here I hardly even notice anything anymore.

August 07, 2011

All new! The top dress is by Gunne Sax, it is one of the nicest ones I have come across. I am having a sale right now, free shipping on all orders now through midnight 8/9. Just enter code AUGUSTSHIP at checkout.