November 23, 2012

Here are some old photos, the last one is a bedroom at my grandma's house, the pastel drawing on the wall is of my aunt. I slept there sometimes when I was little, after eating graham crackers and watching "Murder, She Wrote." on t.v. with my grandma. 

November 03, 2012

  ➤1950s grey party dress size small
  ➤vintage dark blue polka dot silk blouse size small
  ➤1980s brown leather deadstock penny loafers 7.5
  ➤vintage wool plaid jumper dress size medium

  ➤1950s kelly green wool fur trim coat size medium - large
  ➤1950s navy blue wool cardigan size x-small - small
  ➤vintage rubber sporto rain boots size 9
  ➤vintage lavender plaid cotton dress size small

 ➤vintage red embroidered nautical sweater size x-small - small

All new in the shop this week. It has been strange around here lately, the Hurricane happened and it has been so surreal to see everything that has happened since. Where I live in Brooklyn nothing really terrible happened in comparison to other places, the subway has been cut off from Manhattan and there is no gas at the gas station but those things are just temporary. It's heartbreaking to see the pictures of all the destruction in places closer to the water. I just hope things get closer to normal for everyone soon.