November 28, 2011

All new in the shop tonight! I know it's not the season for it but that romper is my favorite.

I am just about to list this Lilli Ann coat in the shop, it is gorgeous, right? 

November 25, 2011

All new in the shop today!

November 19, 2011

All new in the shop today. Can you believe those needlepoint flats? Flies! I was so psyched when I found them, I always find the style with roosters on them which is so much less interesting. 

I went thrift shopping this week, I rented a car for several days and made a list of places I had never been to before, I drove north searching for the holy grail. I found a couple of good places, some of them were a total bust. I drove through some towns that were so depressing I can't believe anyone even lives there, everything was so bleak and gray, trash blowing all over the place and empty storefronts everywhere. I also drove through really pretty areas with farms and well kept old houses, the landscape kept changing so drastically from one thing to another. At one place I noticed this shelf full of unicorns, I thought "Wow, someone must have really been into unicorns!" and then I looked at the shelf below and saw more. They were arranged in formation just like that, it's like they are ready for something, I don't know what.  

November 13, 2011

All new in the shop tonight! The dress at the top has real feather trim, it's really cool. All week I worked at my freelance job, it was terrible. My arms have cuts all over them from hanging metal christmas garland, my metabolism is awry after not being allowed to eat lunch until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. My jeans are covered in glitter and my coat smells like the scent they pump into the air in the store to subvert your subconscious into buying things, it's noxious. I will take fresh air over perfume any day. All week I kept forgetting to set my alarm, I repeatedly woke up 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave and then rush out the door, I would look down at myself on the subway and realize that I was wearing totally mismatched socks. It was not the world I want to live in. It's going to take me awhile to recover, freelancing is for the birds.

November 06, 2011

My friend Bobby posts the best videos to facebook all the time, here are a few of my latest favorites...

November 05, 2011

Just a little shop update. I love the floral print on the coat and the sweater in the last photo is 100% cashmere!

November 04, 2011

New jackets and coats in the shop!

 Jason jumped into a photo as the automatic timer was going off, he was telling me to hurry up so that we could go on his lunchtime walk. 

Oh and this coat below is really amazing, I believe it is from the 1930s, it was made by Arnold Constable. I researched the name and found this on wikipedia:

"Arnold Constable & Company is a former department store chain in the New York City metropolitan area. At one point it was the oldest department store in America, operating for over 150 years from its founding in 1825 to its closing in 1975. At the company's peak, its flagship "Palace of Trade" in Manhattan – located at 881-887 Broadway at East 19th Street, through to 115 Fifth Avenue – was acknowledged to be the store which took the largest portion of the "carriage trade", in New York, serving the rich and elite of the city, such as Grover Cleveland, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt."

Everything about it is cool, the buttons, the gold rope trim, the scalloped velvet collar and the amazing fit.