November 19, 2011

I went thrift shopping this week, I rented a car for several days and made a list of places I had never been to before, I drove north searching for the holy grail. I found a couple of good places, some of them were a total bust. I drove through some towns that were so depressing I can't believe anyone even lives there, everything was so bleak and gray, trash blowing all over the place and empty storefronts everywhere. I also drove through really pretty areas with farms and well kept old houses, the landscape kept changing so drastically from one thing to another. At one place I noticed this shelf full of unicorns, I thought "Wow, someone must have really been into unicorns!" and then I looked at the shelf below and saw more. They were arranged in formation just like that, it's like they are ready for something, I don't know what.  

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