November 26, 2010

I am so in love with this fabric by Klaus Haapaniemi, it's called Snow Rabbit. I just love the expressions on the rabbit's faces.


November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving! So much fun was had, I started the day at Valerie and Ian's house where they made the most beautiful meal I think I have ever had. We had apple cider and Allagash beer, turkey from the farmers market, rosemary biscuits, toasted kale, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with apples, stuffing and gravy. I think that's it. It was really amazing. I love knowing people who are good at cooking. Bree and Pat came over and they brought little Louis. Alden hung out and played while we listened to Peter Paul and Mary. Afterwards I went over to my friend Matt's, there were lots of people there, I had a beer before Jason decided we should go. It was a pretty good thanksgiving. Ah, another thing, tomorrow is Black Friday, I teamed up with a bunch of etsy sellers to give out promo codes, you can find one for secretlake amongst others at itsimplelove. go check it out!

November 21, 2010

vintage drop waist 1960's floral dress, new in the shop tonight!

Last night was unexpectedly amazing, I was hanging out with matt, jeremiah and preston and we started out with nothing really to do. Since preston's cousin works at a club we went there to see a show we knew nothing about. It was SO AMAZING. The performers were Charles Bradley and Lee Fields, I had never heard them before, it blew us all away to watch them play, we were mesmerized. The top photo was taken by preston. The funniest part about the whole night is that they thought they all took acid before we went out, I did not because it's not my thing and I thought someone should look out for them. I kept checking in with them to see how they felt, after some time they all agreed that they felt really happy and fuzzy inside. It was then that we realized they probably took ecstasy instead. It was the funnest night.

November 19, 2010

new in the shop today, some metallic sweaters and needlepoint RABBIT flats!!

November 18, 2010

I found my mom's old scrapbook from the 1960's, there were lots of cool things in it:

My mom's mother had a rule that they were not allowed to have dogs, her grandmother went behind her back bought two poodles, she gave them to my mom and her cousin. They were brothers named Friday and Pepper.

On the last page I found this card, obviously not from the 60's because I made it, it was to wish my brother and sister a happy christmas.

November 17, 2010

I was going through a box of old photos and I found these of my great grandparents, my great grandmother is the one on the left. Her maiden name was Mills. In the box was also a stapled together family history handwritten by her brother in the 1970's. It says that they lived on East 70th st in NYC in the 1920's. The photos below her are of her husband, my great grandfather. And last is a photo of their son, my grandfather.

One more thing, I just finished reading through the history, this is the very last paragraph. It's so sad! It says "Just an incident not relative to immediate Mills Family - This happened many years ago when my grandmother was very young - her brother (8 years old) was kidnapped right near his home, his name was Hoffman (my grandmother's maiden name) no ransom was demanded and he had never been heard of since."

November 14, 2010

I just added a few new things over at wintermilk, a 1970's coffee canister, a vintage ceramic deer and a vintage girl's Bonwit Teller dress.

November 13, 2010

new in the shop today, some 1970's hippie dresses

This week I worked about a million hours setting up christmas window displays for some of the stores I work for. In one of them I noticed some coats and hats made with this amazing tweed fabric because it looked familiar, it was made by Harris Tweed in collaboration with the brand I work for. The week before I had just found this vintage coat for the shop and I got really excited when I realized it was special. It is high quality, hand woven in Scotland. The men's coat they were selling in the Harris Tweed was $700! Bananas! I am always amazed at the price tags in real stores because I spend so much time thrift shopping.

On Thursday I worked at a shop on Wall Street, I had never been there before and it blew my mind. It's so interesting over there. Cobble stone streets and everyone is so nicely dressed and orderly. The streets around there are so clean. On my way to work that morning I was so so tired, running on about 4 hours of sleep, I passed by this coffee truck and I had to stop. They were called Love Truck Coffee and the truck looked so cool. They were playing classic rock and I ordered a chai tea. It was so delicious, I drank it while I deliriously decorated a christmas tree.

November 05, 2010

Some of the new coats from todays shop update:

November 04, 2010

As I was thrift shopping yesterday I found something that nearly caused me to faint, this insane 60's cape coat. It is controversial, I have never never ever bought anything with fur on it, I have always been against wearing it at all. This cape though, it just so impressed me, it's really special. I had a bit of a crisis in the store but then realized I couldn't leave it behind.

I have a new story! It involves a post I wrote a while back about sharing a cab with a stranger I had met at Grand Central Station. He had asked me to mail the receipt to him when he got out, I mailed it to his office and I assumed it was for writing off the cab ride as a business expense. So a couple of days ago I open up my mailbox and inside was a large white envelope with the return address of Morgan Stanley, I rushed upstairs and ripped it open, I was so curious as to what could be inside. It was a full packet of papers, a greeting card was included as well. On the face of the card was a photograph of NYC, inside was a drawing he had done and a note of thanks for the return of the receipt. I looked through the papers and was amazed, it was sort of like a portfolio, just pages and pages of all his accomplishments. Among the papers is his television appearance schedule, he regularly appears as a financial commentator on fox business, cnbc, pbs and other stations as well. He has written 6 books, one of which was on the New York Times bestseller list. There were xeroxed color copies of the book covers, I was more than amused to notice that Jim Cramer, that super annoying guy with the tv show about money wrote a forward for one of the books. It made me laugh because my dad watches that show all the time and whenever I visit I have to ask that he turn the volume down because it is so loud and annoying. He went to Harvard and Yale and is a visiting faculty member there as well. Several of the papers are copies of interviews and articles he has written for publications like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, one magazine article is about charity work he had done in the Himalayas. I think it is so interesting that he sent this all to me, I'm not quite sure what to make of it though. I guess you never know who you might be sitting next to when you are getting around in NYC.