November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving! So much fun was had, I started the day at Valerie and Ian's house where they made the most beautiful meal I think I have ever had. We had apple cider and Allagash beer, turkey from the farmers market, rosemary biscuits, toasted kale, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with apples, stuffing and gravy. I think that's it. It was really amazing. I love knowing people who are good at cooking. Bree and Pat came over and they brought little Louis. Alden hung out and played while we listened to Peter Paul and Mary. Afterwards I went over to my friend Matt's, there were lots of people there, I had a beer before Jason decided we should go. It was a pretty good thanksgiving. Ah, another thing, tomorrow is Black Friday, I teamed up with a bunch of etsy sellers to give out promo codes, you can find one for secretlake amongst others at itsimplelove. go check it out!

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