April 28, 2011

New in the shop today!

April 27, 2011

New in the shop today! Oh brother, yesterday I worked a 12 hour day setting up for an event at the Crosby St. Hotel (the room service there is gross by the way!) Anyways I got home around midnight and was so tired and hungry, I needed to eat something before I went to bed so I decided upon eating an orange. I left the orange peel on the counter and thought I should probably throw that away but I am too tired so I will do that in the morning. So I woke up this morning and walked out to the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was that the orange peel was gone, the whole thing! Something came in the night and took it away! I checked the trash just to make sure I hadn't forgotten throwing it away, it wasn't there. How scary is that? I was trying to picture a mouse carrying it away, it would have been bigger than the mouse. I bought some steel wool today to put in the hole in the wall that I suspect is behind my oven. I was so disturbed by it, I wanted to call someone right then to tell them about it but then realized it wasn't very important news. 

April 24, 2011

New in the shop today! That jean jacket at the top is super amazing, someone hand made it by altering a regular jean jacket and adding parts of a navajo blanket to it. It even has the date it was made inside, it was made in 1992. 

April 23, 2011

I just listed this 1970s dress, it is made of the softest lightest cotton ever. 

April 22, 2011

I found this photo album at my grandmothers house that I had never seen before, I totally forgot about this dollhouse that I used to have.

I also found this other album from the 1940s, the caption next to these said "Bear Mountain."

April 17, 2011

I've been selling things lately that have been hanging out in my closet for a long time, this dress is one that I have kept forever but I dont think that I wear it enough. It is so amazing though, really nice cotton with great colorful stripes. And oh brother, I had a crazy and depressing weekend. Someone tell me a joke! Even if it's a bad one, I need to laugh at something. 

April 14, 2011

New in the shop tonight!


A couple of things I am going to hold on to from the thrift shopping trip yesterday, a set of glasses and this great striped tank top. It reminds me of the edith a. miller collection that is everywhere lately. I love that the brand name is "Sailboat." 

April 11, 2011

New in the shop tonight! I am trying to get as much listed as possible this week because next week I am going to be working as a nanny! Just for the week. I will be watching a very cute baby. It will be in Queens which feels like worlds away, I had never really been there before going to meet them yesterday, it was quite far out on the 7 train. I will have to get some new books to read, I think it is going to be an intense commute.  

April 09, 2011

New in the shop today! If only I were a size 6 1/2, I would love to fit into those brown suede boots. Also I got some new plants! The leafy taller one is called a "China Doll." I used to have a christmas cactus in that pot, a mouse nibbled on the leaves at some point and it died. 

Also I have been snacking on these while working on the shop, they are delicious! I got them this past week when Valerie and I went to Eataly. It was so hyped up for me but the food I bought there was just ok. It was an impressive space and it was fun to go there, I think it must be popular for a reason? I mean it was so busy even on a weekday afternoon. And oy vey, they had the most unattractive shopping carts of any grocery store I have ever seen. Speaking of shopping carts, for part of last week someone locked up a shopping cart with a bike lock to a tree on my street. It was a weird sight but it's gone now.