April 27, 2011

New in the shop today! Oh brother, yesterday I worked a 12 hour day setting up for an event at the Crosby St. Hotel (the room service there is gross by the way!) Anyways I got home around midnight and was so tired and hungry, I needed to eat something before I went to bed so I decided upon eating an orange. I left the orange peel on the counter and thought I should probably throw that away but I am too tired so I will do that in the morning. So I woke up this morning and walked out to the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was that the orange peel was gone, the whole thing! Something came in the night and took it away! I checked the trash just to make sure I hadn't forgotten throwing it away, it wasn't there. How scary is that? I was trying to picture a mouse carrying it away, it would have been bigger than the mouse. I bought some steel wool today to put in the hole in the wall that I suspect is behind my oven. I was so disturbed by it, I wanted to call someone right then to tell them about it but then realized it wasn't very important news. 

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