April 17, 2011

I've been selling things lately that have been hanging out in my closet for a long time, this dress is one that I have kept forever but I dont think that I wear it enough. It is so amazing though, really nice cotton with great colorful stripes. And oh brother, I had a crazy and depressing weekend. Someone tell me a joke! Even if it's a bad one, I need to laugh at something. 


  1. i thought that dress looked familiar...
    sorry you had a bad weekend!
    i can't think of a joke! but, alden now sometimes refers to the chair in the kitchen that you sat in while he ate dinner a few weeks ago as "kathryn's chair" even though it's really MY chair. clearly he would like to see more of you

  2. oh thats so sweet! I want to see more of him too.

  3. Louis pulled up my shirt and rasberried my belly last night. I thought that was pretty funny. Like one day you have a baby and the next thing you know he is making farting sounds with his mouth on your bellybutton of his own free will.

    Sorry to hear you are bummed!! Chins up Charley.


  4. bree thats crazy! and totally cute.