April 09, 2011

New in the shop today! If only I were a size 6 1/2, I would love to fit into those brown suede boots. Also I got some new plants! The leafy taller one is called a "China Doll." I used to have a christmas cactus in that pot, a mouse nibbled on the leaves at some point and it died. 

Also I have been snacking on these while working on the shop, they are delicious! I got them this past week when Valerie and I went to Eataly. It was so hyped up for me but the food I bought there was just ok. It was an impressive space and it was fun to go there, I think it must be popular for a reason? I mean it was so busy even on a weekday afternoon. And oy vey, they had the most unattractive shopping carts of any grocery store I have ever seen. Speaking of shopping carts, for part of last week someone locked up a shopping cart with a bike lock to a tree on my street. It was a weird sight but it's gone now.

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