November 17, 2010

I was going through a box of old photos and I found these of my great grandparents, my great grandmother is the one on the left. Her maiden name was Mills. In the box was also a stapled together family history handwritten by her brother in the 1970's. It says that they lived on East 70th st in NYC in the 1920's. The photos below her are of her husband, my great grandfather. And last is a photo of their son, my grandfather.

One more thing, I just finished reading through the history, this is the very last paragraph. It's so sad! It says "Just an incident not relative to immediate Mills Family - This happened many years ago when my grandmother was very young - her brother (8 years old) was kidnapped right near his home, his name was Hoffman (my grandmother's maiden name) no ransom was demanded and he had never been heard of since."


  1. I like the Book Mark, and also your great someone on the guitar. Cool.

  2. yeah! im fascinated by that dress she's wearing.