November 04, 2010

I have a new story! It involves a post I wrote a while back about sharing a cab with a stranger I had met at Grand Central Station. He had asked me to mail the receipt to him when he got out, I mailed it to his office and I assumed it was for writing off the cab ride as a business expense. So a couple of days ago I open up my mailbox and inside was a large white envelope with the return address of Morgan Stanley, I rushed upstairs and ripped it open, I was so curious as to what could be inside. It was a full packet of papers, a greeting card was included as well. On the face of the card was a photograph of NYC, inside was a drawing he had done and a note of thanks for the return of the receipt. I looked through the papers and was amazed, it was sort of like a portfolio, just pages and pages of all his accomplishments. Among the papers is his television appearance schedule, he regularly appears as a financial commentator on fox business, cnbc, pbs and other stations as well. He has written 6 books, one of which was on the New York Times bestseller list. There were xeroxed color copies of the book covers, I was more than amused to notice that Jim Cramer, that super annoying guy with the tv show about money wrote a forward for one of the books. It made me laugh because my dad watches that show all the time and whenever I visit I have to ask that he turn the volume down because it is so loud and annoying. He went to Harvard and Yale and is a visiting faculty member there as well. Several of the papers are copies of interviews and articles he has written for publications like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, one magazine article is about charity work he had done in the Himalayas. I think it is so interesting that he sent this all to me, I'm not quite sure what to make of it though. I guess you never know who you might be sitting next to when you are getting around in NYC.

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