September 30, 2010

I thrifted a few new books, this one has some fold out mini rabbit posters:


cat's on leashes! if we were to encounter some like this on a walk it would be such a disaster, Jason flips out when he sees cats, they are his worst enemy.

I was also lucky enough to score this milk glass raggedy ann mug, I always go for anything milk glass, well almost anything, it has to have a good graphic.

Last night I was trying to hail a cab, it was beginning to seem impossible when this guy yelled out to me and said "hey! want to share a cab?" I looked at his suit and assumed we were going in different directions, I was like "I'm going to Brooklyn! Thanks anyways!" He motioned for me to get in, he was going to a party on the LES so it was pretty much on the way. It was interesting, he had a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine for the host and hostess of the party he was attending. He put his contacts in on the way there, I thought that was pretty hardcore because even I wouldn't attempt that. He gave me his business card and I was impressed, he had a pretty fancy job. He told me to mail him the receipt to the address on the card, he then gave me a lot more money than he owed and told me to keep the change, I was surprised. I was in a good mood until the cab driver got to my neighborhood, I gave him the major intersection that I live near but I actually live a block over, he was pissed off for some reason and scolded me like a child saying that when I get in cabs I need to give the exact location of where I am going to the driver. I spoke up, loudly, I live on a really small weird street and most cab drivers have no idea where it is, most don't even know the major intersection I gave him in the first place. He was so angry about driving a block over, it was so totally weird. He actually suggested that I get out while we were waiting at the light. I had a really heavy suitcase so I thought no way and I just didn't respond to that suggestion. He was a jerk!

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