November 13, 2010

new in the shop today, some 1970's hippie dresses

This week I worked about a million hours setting up christmas window displays for some of the stores I work for. In one of them I noticed some coats and hats made with this amazing tweed fabric because it looked familiar, it was made by Harris Tweed in collaboration with the brand I work for. The week before I had just found this vintage coat for the shop and I got really excited when I realized it was special. It is high quality, hand woven in Scotland. The men's coat they were selling in the Harris Tweed was $700! Bananas! I am always amazed at the price tags in real stores because I spend so much time thrift shopping.

On Thursday I worked at a shop on Wall Street, I had never been there before and it blew my mind. It's so interesting over there. Cobble stone streets and everyone is so nicely dressed and orderly. The streets around there are so clean. On my way to work that morning I was so so tired, running on about 4 hours of sleep, I passed by this coffee truck and I had to stop. They were called Love Truck Coffee and the truck looked so cool. They were playing classic rock and I ordered a chai tea. It was so delicious, I drank it while I deliriously decorated a christmas tree.

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