November 04, 2011

New jackets and coats in the shop!

 Jason jumped into a photo as the automatic timer was going off, he was telling me to hurry up so that we could go on his lunchtime walk. 

Oh and this coat below is really amazing, I believe it is from the 1930s, it was made by Arnold Constable. I researched the name and found this on wikipedia:

"Arnold Constable & Company is a former department store chain in the New York City metropolitan area. At one point it was the oldest department store in America, operating for over 150 years from its founding in 1825 to its closing in 1975. At the company's peak, its flagship "Palace of Trade" in Manhattan – located at 881-887 Broadway at East 19th Street, through to 115 Fifth Avenue – was acknowledged to be the store which took the largest portion of the "carriage trade", in New York, serving the rich and elite of the city, such as Grover Cleveland, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt."

Everything about it is cool, the buttons, the gold rope trim, the scalloped velvet collar and the amazing fit.

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