August 31, 2011

New items in the shop today. I LOVE the long dress at the top, its cotton and from the 1970s, it can fit a whole range of sizes due to the loose fit. Anyways, there was a hurricane that just happened this past week, I heard they were shutting down the subways in New York in preparation for it so I went to CT for the weekend. Then I got stuck there because the metro north train tracks were flooded. All the basements were flooded, a frog jumped in through the window of my brother's basement and it was hopping around in the water. My sister-in-law Jenny was swinging a broom at it so to help I googled what to do when a frog gets into your house. I read that frogs go to the bathroom a lot and that their excrement looks just like rat poop. When I relayed that information to her from the top of the stairs it caused her to freak out even more. I saw lots of downed trees, some even crushing houses. I went to a thrift store where the power was out and they were taking cash only. It was weird to shop in the dark. 

So now I am in Brooklyn and it's back to normal. I just got back from taking Jason for a walk, when I entered my building I paused at a strange object on the floor right inside the doorway. It took me a moment to realize it was three quarters of a charred hot dog that someone must have stepped on crushing it into the rug. My building never ceases to gross me out, every day there is something new. Someday I will live somewhere nice. Someday! 

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