October 13, 2009

While out walking today I got hit by a car! I've lived in cities for years and never had that happen before, it was such a shock. I was walking through a pretty quiet neighborhood and a van just ran a stop sign and went right into me. I wasn't knocked to the ground, just hit forward against the hood of the car. I was screaming as it happened, it was so surreal and slow motion, I kept saying "Oh my god!" over and over. I stepped back and yelled at the driver who seemed as shocked as I was, I asked him what was wrong with him and pointed out the stop sign. I was screaming at him so hard it was like I was possessed, I turned into a totally different person. He looked at me with wide eyes and then quickly pulled away. I'm not seriously injured but it happened so fast I didn't get his license plate number. I'm glad I didn't get hurt because as I walked away I was shuddering at the thought of breaking a limb.


  1. Never assume someone will stop, turn left, or whatever their signal says. People are idiots. Must of them. As for those on drugs, stoned out of their mind, mentally disabled, or under the influence of something else, watch out and tread lightly. Glad you are ok. And guess what, underneath that calm exterior lurks a very angry person when she gets hit by a car, er a van. Good.

  2. WHAT A BASTARD!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE JUST DROVE AWAY!!!! Oh god. I am so glad you are okay!!!


  3. No one stops in Baltimore and they beep at you in the cross walk! One time someone yelled "can't you see I'm driving a car!"