December 16, 2009

I love this quilted jacket, it has a matching reversible belt. The tag says it was made in "New Germany." It will be in my shop soon. Also I am locked inside my house, the front door to the building is broken for the third time since I have lived here. I went to take Jason for a walk and there was someone on the other side trying to get in, I couldn't help them though. My landlord keeps replacing the lock but I think the whole door needs replacing, it seems warped. The whole house is warped. The hallway ceiling leaks whenever it rains and I am on the second floor, there is another floor above which has it worse. I put a bucket in the hall the last time, the ceiling fell down in chunks all around it. The basement here is perpetually flooded, I found out when I went down to the fusebox one day. To reach the fuses I had to cross a plank of wood. We have mosquitos because of it, in the house in the winter. It also smells badly. My landlord is very miserly.

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