December 14, 2009

While riding the train today I met a man who engaged me in an hour and a half conversation about gold, silver and the Revolutionary War. I'm normally somewhat cagey when talking to strangers but I couldn't help but be fascinated with this guy, he was a direct descendant of John Adams and as such is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, also known as the SAR. I'm ashamed of my lack of knowledge about that time period, I only got through half an episode of that HBO series about John Adams, my historical curiosity has fallen mostly around the Civil War I guess. When talking about Bunker Hill I suppose I looked lost, he was like come on, you don't know about Bunker Hill? He told me about his ambition to start a movement where everyone pays for things in shops with gold and silver instead of paper money. A fog rolled across my eyeballs when he started talking about inflation, I just don't think about these things. He also had dreams of local militias. He gave me his business card but I think I unfortunately lost it when I went to get a slice of pizza.

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  1. In the end, pizza more valuable than gold and silver.