January 02, 2010

it is so cold outside! i left the house to get mexican food and almost died from the cold on the way. when i take jason outside i'm like "GET BUSY!!!!" with an urgency that makes him feel pressured i'm sure. anyhow here are some new things up at the shop. a sailor dress and a super cute floral mini dress. i will be posting more after i pause to watch an episode of the alfred hitchcock hour. by the way, this is a great one, "where the woodbine twineth" it is up on hulu for only a little while longer so see it before it disappears. i love when she says that her imaginary friend mr. peppercorn came by on a butterfly for just one minute to tell her something important. she looks very cranky here but it's really very sweet.


  1. Cold here in France as well, but only around 55. So we went to an outdoor flea market and found some old bottles, tools, and other juncque. Everything still very green so we aren't as anxious to get back inside at all. You would love it.

  2. i dont think that 55 is cold enough for comparison. i wish it was 55 and green but its like 6 and grey.