February 16, 2010

I came to connecticut to do some thrifting and now I am trapped inside! Neverending snow! Last week I could not thrift and this week the weather is making it difficult as well. I did get to some places yesterday and I got a lot for the shop, the only thing I found for keeps is this needlepoint. I like that it is in a red frame. Anyways I am STIR CRAZY. In all capital letters. The only thing to eat here is carrots. and cereal. it's not fun. Tomorrow before I go back to the city I am going to take Jason to a dog playgroup, it's called the Yappy Happy Hour. I need him to make friends. He has started barking aggressively at every dog we see on the street so I need him to socialize. I hope it goes well.


  1. Maybe Jason could join a gang? Warm here in Monte Carlo. About 55 this evening. You would love it. As would Jason. Lots of great stuff in your shop by the way. Some good looking clothes.

  2. thanks! yeah, i cant wait to experince 55 degrees again, someday!