March 26, 2010

Mystery! Last night I was awoken by the sound of banging on the front door of my building, I opened my eyes and saw flashing red lights all over my dark apartment. My dog was barking and I got up in a panic. I looked outside and saw four police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance, I thought the house must be on fire so I got dressed. The police rushed into the house and up the stairs passing by my door from which I gathered there mustn't be a fire. I could hear them banging on my upstairs neighbor's door, I think that they then may have broken down the door. There was a great commotion, it sounded like furniture was being overturned and and people were struggling. I thought that maybe there was an intruder up there, I couldn't tell. I could see that the hallway was full of police so I opened my door to ask what was happening. A woman said "don't worry, go back inside." so I did. I decided to watch through the peephole in my door which was frustrating it being such a warped view. Then suddenly they emerged carrying a person down the stairs strapped to a chair. They were restrained by every limb with straps, I could not tell who it was though. Then my other upstairs neighbor came home and I could hear him trying to make his way up through the house while asking what was happening. I thought oh good, he will find out and I can text him to get the story. I texted him after the police were gone and he responded, "meet me in the hall." I opened my door and he was holding out a cigarette for me, I said no thanks, I don't smoke. He asked me what happened, I said I thought you would know what happened! I told him all I knew was that there was a great commotion and someone left the house strapped into a chair. He said that he saw the chair and that it was girl who lives upstairs in it. He then said oh, I should try to call her and rushed back up the stairs without another word. I could not fall back asleep so I talked to my west coast friend on the phone for a while, he is always awake for my late night calls. A minute after I got off the phone with him I got another text from my neighbor that asked if I was allright, I said yes, I just hope that girl is. He then asked if he could come over. I said sure, thinking at first that he had found out what happened and was going to tell me in the hall. Then it occurred to me that it may be weird to let my neighbor come down at 4 in the morning, I hesitated wary of what I should do. A few moments later he responded asking "what did I just ask you?" I told him and asked if he wanted to tell me something. He said "No, I shouldn't" I then turned off my phone to attempt sleep. When I woke up I turned it back on to another text from him that had come in at 5 am. It said "You think I'm crazy don't you."


  1. So much better than reality TV. And yes, letting a neighbor in at 4:00 AM is probably not a great idea. Where was your camera? We need to see the girl strapped in the chair. Oh well.

  2. Ok you have to STOP allowing random people (Carlos) in your're too nice!! =)