March 21, 2010

vintage tooled leather bagvintage corduroy mini dressvintage brown flatsvintage pink london fog trenchvintage striped mini dress
New spring items in the shop. It's such a relief to start posting things again, I have had too many obstacles this past week and a half, I just want to get back to normal. My computer broke (jason knocked an ice tea across the keyboard) so I had to get another, the version of photoshop that I had wont work on a new operating system. It kills me. I have been using iphoto but it's really no fun, I think it takes a lot more time to get things done with it. Then I lost my wallet. Someone found it and called me later the same day but I had already cancelled my cards and it takes a year and a day to get new ones! Tomorrow I have to see if I can get a temporary card at the bank, although it means no renting cars to thrift this week without a real credit card. I will find another way. If only I owned a car, how fantastic would that be.

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