April 13, 2010

new shoes!
New shoes! I have been on the lookout for these Rachel Comey shoes ever since I saw them in a photo of a fashion show, these are a slightly different version with the back more open and a more minimal ankle strap. I couldn't believe they were being sold at the store where my friend Sarah works, this was fortunate because she is quitting in a week and she told me to let her know if there is anything I wanted her to get with her discount before she checked out. I saw them and said no way! They arrived in the mail yesterday in a box with a cincinnati reds sticker on it and a hand drawn sharpie poodle, I felt so special. In other news, I have been loopy all week because I went on a diet. It's not something I normally do, it was really a detox diet, I drank alot of cucumber lime juice and ate super plain foods. My will power was so strong I even visited Peter Pan with Bree and didn't eat a donut. I drank water. It was hardcore. Today I decided I've had enough, I can't do it any longer. Sugar is my frienemy.

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  1. You are a rock!! Well were a rock. That earlier post about that guy was scary!