May 13, 2010

New shoes in the shop! Those fringed clogs have the flag of sweden on the insides. I remember sitting in the park once talking with a friend about dating deal breakers, I can't remember what mine were but I remember him pausing to carefully think about it, he suddenly exclaimed "clogs!" and I never forgot that. My opinion of them has changed over time, nowadays I think they are very cool. I spent today with no elecricity, I was on the verge of lighting candles when it suddenly came back on. I was so hungry I tried to heat water to make oatmeal on the grill. It was not good. I started to read the book "American Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld and I am surprised I haven't picked it up before, it is so good. I also thrifted the book "Self Portrait: Gene Tierney," it is from 1979. The cover reads "The bestselling story of the woman too beautiful for love." That coupled with the swirly 70's font made me grab it off the shelf. It is next in line on my reading list.

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