May 23, 2010

This was such a nice sunday, I spent the day hanging out with my friends Bree and Patrick and their baby Louis. We walked to Queens to check out an art show at Ps1 and then had dinner at Acapulco. We were all mesmerized by the television in the restaurant, they had it set on the Disney channel and they were playing the Parent Trap, the Lindsay Lohan one. I hadn't been to Acapulco in ages, it is so good, and so inexpensive too. Louis is a super social baby, he said hello to everyone there, he's the cutest. On the way back we passed this new place, it was a coffee shop with super good decor, I think the name of the place is Milk and Roses. They had books on the walls, a really beautiful piano and a back yard. I can't believe I used to live on the far end of Manhattan Ave, nowadays it seems like there is so much more happening around there. I think I miss it.

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