June 16, 2010

Here's some more weird thrift store scenes, a framed photo of a crazy still life and a Revolutionary War couch. Taken with my cell phone, hence the blurry quality. I had such a successful thrifting trip today I am totally overwhelmed. So many pictures to take, if it were daylight I would start right now. It was so nice today, at one point Mazzy Star came on the radio as I passed by the big mowers cutting the grass along the side of the highway. I breathed in the scent of fresh cut grass and it really felt like summer.


  1. i bet you it will still be there by the time you visit. we can go pick it up.

  2. i'm kind of obsessed with those 70s floral or tartan or this kind of patterned couches! i want to find one. then i have these inane fears of them going up in flames because of the flammable materials they used to be made in. which is nuts because i don't even smoke. i guess i should just find a couch.