July 10, 2010

I was just looking through some Better Homes and Gardens home planning catalogs from the 1970's and I came across some cool designs. One was about vacation homes, I love the shapes and all the windows involved. Can you imagine parking your boat under your house?
Then I came across this, it is the exact home I grew up in. It came from a catalog from 1974. My bedroom was the front single window on the right, I shared that room with my sister. Those columns in the front were always full of wasps, they loved to build their nests in them. We would do our best to keep away from the them while waiting for the school bus.
And while on the topic of interesting homes I wanted to mention one more house, I was reading about it recently and it is so incredible. It was called the "Pink Palace" and it was owned by Jayne Mansfield in the sixties. I found all these images of it online, the heart shaped swimming pool, fire place and hot tub really stand out. It no longer exists, it was torn down in 2002.


  1. Jayne Mansfield's house is insane! Love these pics (and your blog!)

  2. i know! her house was unreal. thanks!