August 07, 2010

I thrifted these vintage tablecloths, they are cotton and super vibrant. I wish I had a linen closet and a table that would fit either of these.

I also found these vintage potholders, I really can't resist anything that is neon and patchwork.

I found this little suitcase as well, it is in perfect condition like it was never even used. Jason makes for a great travel bag model in my opinion. In other news last night I took Jason out for a quick walk, when we came back inside he let out a little "woof!" and to my horror a pigeon had come into the front hallway of the apartment building and it was twitching and laying face down on the floor. I picked Jason up and stepped around the bird, it was very sad though, I felt so sorry for it. I went down again a little while later and it had dragged itself to the corner behind the radiator and died. I was wondering how long it would stay there but this morning it was gone. Then around 4 in the morning I was woken up by my neighbors having a violent fight in the apartment next door. They are such nice people when I see them in the hall, it's sad that they fight so intensely. It really sounded like they were physically throwing each other against the wall, it may have involved some furniture as well. I need some sage to burn to cleanse the electrical problems/ pigeon death/ neighbor fighting bad vibes out of this place.


  1. jason is the perfect luggage model!

    apartment madness, kathryn. if you didn't have such a nicely sized and well-lit place, i would urge you to move out. we have some sage, if you would like it.

  2. I know! When i took jason out for a walk an hour ago a gang of children threw a metal pipe at a guys bicycle tires as he was riding down the hill, he almost got seriously hurt, I watched it all in disbelief. He fell/got off the bike and screamed at them, they all just stood around not speaking and then he rode away. I wish I could teleport this apartment to another neighborhood.

  3. My god, girl. Yes, sage. Walk around the entire block with it.