August 26, 2010

I went thrift shopping yesterday, it was intense. I had no luck in the morning, I kept feeling paranoid that I was one step behind someone who was finding all the good stuff. Then I found this squirrel and it all turned around. I washed him when I got home and dead spiders came out of the hole in his stomach, it changed the way I felt about him but now in the daylight I am happy to have him.
I spent a while looking for books, fodder for collage making. I found some pretty good ones. There were so many books about cats, I suppose they all belonged to the same person. I picked out the best two. At this one thrift shop they have all the books organized by category, it's so fantastic. I spent most of the time looking through the arts and crafts and nature sections.
Oh and then I found this glass. It had a sticker that said it was from a set of 6 but sadly the others could not be found.
On the drive back I decided to stop for a coffee because I thought it would help me be a good driver. I rarely drink coffee so it had a way too powerful effect, I had a total panic attack. I wanted someone else to drive so that I could sit in the backseat but I was alone. I took deep breaths and tried to focus on the radio. Just then the Alice Cooper radio show came on (he djs a show called Nights with Alice Cooper) and it was the best possible thing to come on the radio just then. I drove out of reach of the station though about a half hour into it, I switched to NPR and tried to focus on the people talking. I kept getting really angry at the person they were interviewing though, he was making an argument full of holes and I wanted to point them out to him but I think it was a rebroadcast from earlier in the day and I needed to fully focus on the road. So next time I am just having an ice tea.


  1. Yikes! Coffee really did you in!

    You found some really great stuff! That's the best tree squirrel that I've ever seen.

  2. thanks! its funny i actually thought of you when i found him.