September 11, 2010


I have been so MIA lately, I apologize! Here is a collage I made recently, I hate posting without an image as well so here you go. I had a really tough week which involved not sleeping very much and not having any fun. I worked a thousand hours at some freelance jobs and am more glad than ever that the week is over. At one job I had to work alongside a lady I have never worked with before, she was really something else. I was trying to think of how to describe her, I guess I could say that she would not be out of place in an insane asylum. At one point our boss was not around and I saw an opportunity to make a run to the store for snacks, lunch is never on time and I thought it would be a good idea to tide us over. She came along and I thought she understood the objective. When we got there I quickly grabbed a bag of pretzels and got into line, she meandered over to the sandwich area and seemed lost staring into the deli case, I had to step out of line to tell her that we were not having lunch just yet, just super fast snacks. Lunch is a thing, we have to get the o.k. from our boss because there is an order to everything, we have to follow the plan as crazy as it may be. So anyways she looked at me with wide eyes and said "but it's noon!" I said that I know that but it's not actually lunch yet. She reluctantly picked up a yogurt and as we were walking back to the store in the hot sun she seemed quite agitated, she kept saying "I'm not really a snacky person, I just don't like snacks." At that moment I thought that I might be in hell, I wasn't sure. One day I had to work so late that I missed a show I have been excited about for ages, I bought the ticket months ago and I was unbelievably sad to have not made it. The last hour that I was at work that night I spent the time steaming a whole rack of clothing to be styled on the mannequins the next day. When I came in the next morning our boss said "Oh, were those clothes already steamed? Last night I had Andrew steam them all." So all that time was so pointlessly wasted, I wanted to just cry. I don't mean to make anyone reading this bummed out, I guess my week was just a drag. When these times are over I go back to my regular routine a little dazed.


  1. :( sorry your week was such a bummer and that you missed your show!!! Suuuccckkkksssss!!!

    Maybe we can feed you supper or something soon to try and cheer you up!!