September 23, 2010

While I was driving around thrift shopping yesterday this show came on the radio and it was so interesting, you can listen to it here if you are interested, it's about mummies and ghosts. It got me reading online about arsenic, during and after the Civil War arsenic became the popular method for embalming the dead, it preserved them so when they were transported home their families could view them before burial. It was popular up until the turn of the century when everyone realized it was making the undertakers ill. Wooden coffins break down over time so the arsenic would not only mummify people it would leech out into the environment creating a toxic scene. Arsenic never degrades, it just spreads into the ground carried by water passing through the soil. yikes. But back to the radio show, they discuss the fact that Abraham Lincoln and his son were embalmed with arsenic and are quite possibly mummies as well! Crazy! The second half of the show is an interview with Lorraine Warren who I have been interested in forever, I have seen her give lectures on several occasions. The last time I saw her was years ago at the Mark Twain house. It's totally fun, she shows a slideshow of ghost photos and tells stories about her life's work. The Raggedy Ann doll she is holding in the photo below is part of the Warren's collection, the story is that it was possessed at some point and would move around by itself. I have always admired her style as well, her bouffant hair and ruffle trimmed blouses.
Screen shot 2010-09-23 at 8.38.08 PMScreen shot 2010-09-23 at 8.38.31 PM

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  1. Just reading this post scared the pants off me. Are you serious about that doll??? Oh god.