December 05, 2010

I got two new plants last night, the top one is pretty small, the dark purple one is big. The dark purple one gave me the impression that it could have been growing in the Addams Family garden, that's what made me decide to get it. A guy on the train was like "wow, that is one purple plant!" I said yes, it is! I hope I don't kill them.

I like to think that I am pretty good at taking care of plants, these are some of my successful ones.

I recently had to throw away a dead fern, I don't recommend ferns at all. I dutifully misted it with water, I did everything that I could for it but it died anyhow. Every few days another branch would turn brown and wilt. When I got home last night I said to Jason look! we have some new plants! He lunged at them to try to rip them to pieces, they are now out of his reach. This is him asleep on my bed this morning, dreaming of all the plants he can uproot and tear apart.


  1. I need to get some ferns! And your pup is so cute! I have been wanting to get a pup FOREVER. But we are still in an apartment.


  2. I am in an apartment too, that shouldn't stop you, having a dog is the best thing ever. now that i have him i cant imagine my life without him.