January 19, 2011

About 3 months ago I mailed a package to Europe, it was a cardboard box filled with vintage clothing inside. A little while after I got an email from the customer wondering where it was, I told them that it had been mailed already and that they should check their post office to see if it was there, I said I would keep an eye out for it on my end in case it came back. I never heard back from them again, I assumed they had eventually received it. So the other day the package came back, it had a notice on it that said it was never claimed at the receiver's post office. It was an unusually long time for it to be in limbo, I was totally surprised to see it again. Another shock was what was inside the box, what I had originally sent was still in there but someone had opened the box and resealed it with some mysterious additions. There were several glass bottles filled with pills inside, the labels say they are herbal supplements. Just as perplexing there was also one small container of green tic tacs. I can't wrap my mind around why someone would place these things inside of my package, it makes absolutely no sense. It must have happened within the postal system either here or there, right? Another clue was that the writing on the labels of the supplements is in English, it made me wonder if the mystery postal tamperer is American. I suppose people speak English all over the world though so it's not much of a clue. I watch so much true crime television, I want to dust them for fingerprints and find a match for the person who did it! I guess I will never know. I just hope that it doesn't happen to any other packages of mine, if you get something from me with green tic tacs inside I didn't put them there!


  1. Don't eat the tic tacs. And what country did you send this to? Just curious.

  2. weird-- and kind of creeepy! maybe someone in the customs office was trying to get rid of evidence for some reason? what a mystery!