January 10, 2011

I had great luck thrift shopping yesterday, I found this wool dress that I LOVE. As I was walking through the train station on my way out of the city the shoulder strap on my favorite purse snapped, I grabbed it off the ground and hurried onward to make my train, I got on with one minute to spare. Then I went to the Goodwill and saw this bag, it was perfect as a replacement. It doesn't really match my winter coat, that is ok though. I also found this book, I have several vintage poodle guides already but I can't resist them. The girl working at the thrift store register told me she has a poodle as well, an apricot one. That would be my second favorite poodle color. She said hers hates the snow, I told her mine loves it. Every time we step outside Jason seriously frolics through the snow, when we go on walks he prefers to walk on top of the snow banks along the sidewalk instead of the pavement.

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