January 23, 2011

New in the shop tonight, an amazing pair of 40s - 50s navy blue wedges embroidered with birds and a really cute floral bag. I've been drawn to things with a vacation theme lately, day dreaming I guess. I went away to Connecticut for a few days this weekend, when I got back home to Brooklyn I put the key in the front door to my apartment and realized it was open, I panicked for a moment and then slowly went inside. The first thing I looked for was my computer, it was still there, my TV was there too. I don't really own anything else of obvious value so I let out a sigh of relief. Then I noticed the windowsill in my kitchen, my plants which are usually there were placed on the floor in front of it, a couple of candles were laying on their sides knocked to the floor, the window latch was unlocked. I would never leave that window unlocked and I knew for sure I didn't put any plants on the floor. I started to panic again. I called my landlord, I thought it may have been him because he is totally weird but he didn't answer the phone. I looked around some more and noticed a plant that normally sits next to the kitchen sink was knocked over into the sink, it was dead. My anxiety level went through the roof. I am a really private person so the thought of anyone coming inside without my knowledge made me crazy. A few hours later I finally got in touch with him, he said he was in the building a few days ago with his plumber who was there to fix something next door, he said he noticed my door was open so he walked in. I guess he had been trying to get into the apartment next door but they weren't home, he went out my window that leads to the fire escape to get into that apartment through their fire escape window. It didn't make very much sense to me. He said he assumed I was out walking my dog. I don't know how it happened that my door was unlocked in the first place, I guess maybe I forgot to lock it when I left, I can't imagine doing that though. It was unnerving to think my apartment was unlocked for days, I'm just glad there was nothing worse than a dead plant.


  1. Lucky. And if you want a vacation, and some sun, come over anytime. Guest house is totally private and empty at the moment. We're off to a flea market in Nice this morning. Supposed to be 52 and very sunny.

  2. I wish! I want to convince katie to go with me although I kind of doubt I will ever be able to get her to go.