January 06, 2011

Some new and upcoming items for the shop. Some great plaids, the folded ones are either tablecloths or they could be used as blankets. A great vintage men's skinny square tie, a woolrich shirt with the original tags still attached, red wrangler acid wash jeans with the original tags still attached as well, an Irish fisherman's sweater, a 70s denim jacket with a flannel lined hood and last but not least an amazing plaid bag. All currently in the shop or soon to be.

I traveled far out to go thrift shopping yesterday, I rented a car and my friend Matt came along. The last time I went thrift shopping I got a speeding ticket so I was trying to be mindful of the speedometer as we drove along, it didn't matter though, I got another speeding ticket anyways! I was so sad, when I saw the cop pull out behind me I panicked, Matt was like don't worry, see? he is pulling over the car in front of you! I was relieved for one moment until the cop stuck his arm out the window and gestured for me to pull over as well as the other car. He ticketed both cars at the same time! I wasn't even going that fast, just normal highway speed, you know? I don't know yet what either ticket will cost, I had to mail in my plea of guilty and I guess they mail what I owe in a bill back to me. I fear it will be crazy expensive. I need a radar detector!

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