February 04, 2011

New in the shop today!

In the future I want to start putting together potential outfits with items from my shop, here is one the first one:

You can find the items here:

In thrift shopping news I went yesterday and had the BEST day, I am going to be listing so many new things in the next few days. I brought Jason with me and it was tough because some of the stores say "No Pets" so I tried to hide him in my coat. His little face stuck out and even though I tried to be as discreet as possible every aisle I would go down someone would say "Oh! What a cute little dog!" I wanted to say shhhhh! but instead would I just smile. He was great except for one store, we got to the end of an aisle and there were some rocking horses, he thought they were real and went ballistic. I had to really calm him down. I kept expecting to be told to leave but no one seemed to care anywhere that I went. I dropped him off for rest of the afternoon at my parents house, I didn't want him to be bored the whole day. I think he may be good luck, I found some of my favorite things of all time. I dropped some things off at the dry cleaners this morning but when I get them back there will be pictures for sure.

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