February 26, 2011

New in the shop today, this totally adorable blouse with a pattern of running horses. Size medium. Also I listed some great boots, lots more to come:

Yesterday I was dismayed to receive a letter in the mail informing me that since I got 2 speeding tickets within an 18 month period I owe an additional $300, apparently that is a rule in NY state. I was flabbergasted. That brings the total of my 2 tickets to nearly $700, all for going 84 mph on the highway like a normal person. Im going to see if I can contest it, I have to at least try. I was so sad and frustrated about it, I called my friend Katie hoping that she could cheer me up as I walked around a thrift store. She was telling me that I need to have a more positive attitude about life and that good things will happen if I do. I decided to be positive and look on the bright side of things, I promised her I would as I got off the phone. I felt a bit lighter as I walked out the door and back to my rental car until I realized that someone had crashed into it in the parking lot while I was in the store and drove away! So much for positive thinking, right? I was so freaked out, the side mirror was hanging by a thread of a wire and the whole way home I was hesitant to change lanes. Luckily I had purchased insurance so it was covered. Oy vey! It never ends. 


  1. I agree-- when it rains it pours-- within one week I was audited, my husband got a ticket for running a stop sign ($250.00!) and our rent was raised. That should be all our bad luck for the next 10 years (knock on wood!)

  2. Yeah, I hope that was all the bad things that will happen for a while!