May 30, 2011

It is so totally summer right now, all the neighborhood kids have got the fire hydrants open and I can smell the gas from people grilling on the sidewalk. People seem to go crazy at the start of the hot weather, or maybe they stay crazy all summer long, I can't remember. Last night on my way to a bbq I was surrounded by a group of girls on the street. I was carrying beer in my fieldguided tote bag, (which I love by the way) they asked me to stop so that they could read what it said on the bag. I did stop thinking that they were genuinely interested. I have the one that says "flowers are the things we know secrets are the things we grow" it is a quote from a nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood song. The girl who seemed to be the leader (who was also pushing a baby in a stroller) read it all aloud and then sarcastically said "Awwwww how cute!" It was then that I realized they were mocking me! It was so weird! She pretended to ask her friend for a pen so that she could write it down, then they all laughed! I really didn't care, I just found it so odd.

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