July 07, 2011

I found this in the drawer of a thrift store desk, I think that they look kind of menacing for a sheet of stickers. Anyways something totally weird happened this week, it happened on the Fourth of July. I was hanging out in a park in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Mcgolrick park, I was with Bree, Pat, Rich and Mia and we were waiting for it to get dark for the fireworks to start. We ended up watching them from Bree and Pat's rooftop, they have an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. At some point I realized something had bitten me on the side of my leg and I thought it was a mosquito, I am usually a magnet for them. It was driving me crazy but I just tried to ignore it thinking that it would fade in a few hours like a normal bite. The next day I woke up not feeling well at all, I had to run a lot of errands and as I was walking around outside I got the worst headache and I was so lightheaded and tired, I thought it was because of the heat. I couldn't wait to get home. Later on in the day I looked down at my leg where the bite was and I saw a big bull's eye rash. I knew exactly what that meant right away and I freaked out, I knew that I must have gotten bitten by a deer tick! I panicked trying to get to the train so that I could see a doctor as soon as I could, I imagined that I was going to turn into a zombie at any moment. It looks like I most likely have Lyme Disease, I have to take antibiotics for 28 days to lessen the severity of it. It's so strange that it happened in an urban area, I seriously never thought that was possible, I always thought it was something you could get in the woods of Connecticut. I'm glad that I caught it so fast, if I hadn't noticed the bull's eye I would have just thought that I was run of the mill sick. It was a small window of time that it showed itself, I noticed it at 5 in the afternoon and it was faded and gone by midnight.

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  1. Oh gosh, that's scary! I am also so glad that you caught it and are treating it. I bet that you'll be okay with the meds. Keep us updated!