July 31, 2011

New in the shop today! My favorite is the black velvet dress. So anyways this week I am going to travel for work to Washington D.C. and I am weirdly excited about it. It will be quick, just there and back on the acela train. I've been there lots in the past, mostly visiting my friend Valerie when she used to live there. It was always an all day road trip to get there starting from Boston, it will be strange to get there so quickly on the train. I remember hanging out with Valerie's rabbit Frances Swimmingpool,  Krissy smoking cigarettes in the front seat of the car and going to see the Make-up play at the Black Cat, I don't think it gets any more D.C. than that. For this job I am going to go straight from the train station to the Mayflower hotel, it's famous mostly for political sex scandals which is interesting I suppose. Jason is staying at my mom's house for the next few days, I miss him terribly. I can't wait to see him when I get back, we have very dramatic reunions. 

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