September 07, 2011

Lots and lots of new shoes in the shop today. I have been on the lookout lately for rain boots, I notice that people have been frequently coming to my shop with that search term so I'm trying to stock up. It was intense driving in the rain yesterday, it took forever to get home. I was in a rental car doing to my regular thrift shopping trip, it got off to a really rocky start. I had just driven about four blocks away from the car rental place and I was sitting at a red light behind a van. Waiting for the light to change, I was startled when the van started to back up on a sharp angle, he abruptly decided to back into the parking space to my left. It was on a one way street, a whole line a cars were waiting behind me so I couldn't back up to give him any room. I was wide eyed watching it happen, I knew there wasn't enough room and couldn't understand what he was thinking. I started honking the horn as loud as I could, I was yelling at him to stop but his windows were rolled up. Suddenly there was a loud "Crack!" and I was horrified as I watched him hit my car! I am normally a quiet person but when I got out I began yelling at him. I asked him if he was deaf! I was so mean! He didn't have anything to say at all, he just stood there. I got out and walked around to the front of the car to see what happened, it looked like his car took all the damage. It looked like the license plate frame on the front of my car caught on the front of his car and tore the bumper off, cracking it in two. It was surreal, his demeanor was so passive, he didn't seem to particularly care. We talked for a moment and since there were no dents on the car I was in I left. I was so shaken up though, I just couldn't understand why he ignored me when I was trying to get him to stop backing up, it was so slow motion and strange. People are just so weird. 

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