April 20, 2012

All new in the shop! I was so excited to find some Dooney & Bourke bags this week, they are my favorite kind of bag. I was also totally psyched about the Ferragamos, I just can't wait for the day to find a pair in my size. What else is new, my neighbor told me that he saw a raccoon on our fire escape last night, that's totally weird right? I didn't know there were raccoons in Bushwick, I mean it makes sense kind of, I just haven't seen one myself yet.


  1. I used to have raccoons on my fire escape in So. Slope all the time - and acutally spent my morning trying to help someone deal with figuring out humane deterrents. You might want to discourage them from hanging out on your fire escape if it's right outside your window - the ones at my old apt tried to get in by ripping through the screen. I used the ammonia (in old socks in a plastic bin), a light and a radio to fix my issue: http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/raccoons/tips/solving_problems_raccoon.html

  2. That is interesting, when I heard about it I thought oh well, I prefer raccoons to rats any day, I hadn't thought about them actually trying to get through my window though. Thanks for that link, I will know what to do if it comes back.