April 09, 2012

All new in the shop today! I just got back from visiting my family for the holiday weekend, I ate some peeps and got to watch Mad Men on actual television and not on the internet the day after like usual. I did some laundry while I was there, I went down into the basement and was startled to see the biggest dead spider I had ever seen just laying dead upside down on the concrete floor. It was absolutely crazy looking, it had the biggest abdomen ever. I ran upstairs to tell everyone to go look but no one cared, they said they would see it in the morning. So I woke up in the morning and went down to get my laundry out of the dryer and the spider was gone, no one even got to see it before it disappeared. Then there was the question of where it had gone, I assume something came along and ate it but that is weird to think about. As long as whatever ate it never slithers up the stairs while I am there that is cool with me.

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