June 18, 2012

So I decided to paint the wall where I take my photos, I wanted to get brighter images so I painted the wall a light light grey, instead it had the opposite effect and all the pictures I took today are dull and dark! I just consulted my friend Michael and he explained how I can manually adjust the exposure and everything, I am going to experiment tomorrow. I normally use daylight with no flash, the camera is just set to automatic, easy easy. The photo below is an example of what I got today, you cant even tell that my lipstick is bright red - orange. Painting the wall was such an drag it was so totally frustrating to take these bad pictures today. The whole time I was painting I listened to like 10 episodes of Radiolab, have you ever heard that show? It's like a science version of This American Life

In other news this past week has been super rough. First I got bit by a deer tick for the second summer in a row, I was near tears as I watched the bullseye rash appear on my leg. Then that tv show "Girls" was filming in my neighborhood, they had most of the streets around my apartment blocked off with trailers so there was nowhere to park. I had groceries and vintage clothing in the car, lots of heavy bags so after driving around and around I finally found a spot sort of close which I thought was ok, the tail end of my car was slightly touching a crosswalk but it's a dumb crosswalk that no one ever uses so I thought it would be fine. I just wanted to get everything in my house, change, chop up some watermelon and then head over to my friend's house for dinner, super quick. So I leave and go out to where the car was and its gone! I panicked, I called 311 which was pointless because they never know anything, they connected me with the police department where the phone rang and rang forever with no one to answer it. One of the film set guys told me that I should contact the Brooklyn Navy Yard because his car had recently been towed and I guess thats where they all go. I winced when he told me that it had cost him $245 to get his car back. So I ran home and got the number online and called them but they were closing soon so then I had to wait for a stupid bus that almost never comes, nervous the whole while that I wouldn't make it in time. I get there and they wanted my insurance card but I could only find my old one and not my current one so it was a tense situation. On top of that my phone started to die and that made everything worse. I got my brother on the phone in Connecticut and he ran over to my mom's house and luckily found the envelope with my new insurance info on it, he emailed it to them and they finally gave me back my car. One of the lessons I learned was to be more organized and to have the proper things in my glove compartment. The saddest part though was how they not only towed my car which cost $185, they ticketed it as well for touching the crosswalk and that was $115. $300 just out the window for nothing. I'm always careful about parking, I just misjudged the space that day. It was a very painful expensive lesson. That night ended well though, my friends waited to have dinner until I got there and that was sweet. They sent me home with a bag of vegan chocolate chip cookies which comforted me for days. 


  1. Sorry to hear you had such a bad day, it sounds stressful. Your story reminds me of my bad luck one day last week when I remembered to move my car off my street to avoid a street sweeping parking ticket and the next day when I went to my car I had a $50 ticket and realized I was just parked on a different street that also had street sweeping. I wanted to cry, thinking I was throwing away money. Then I got in my car and drove to the post office, only to run over an unavoidable metal object on the road, blowing out my tire, the same tire that was replaced just a few weeks before after some crazy lady practically totaled my parked car. Sometimes it feels like living in the city is so hazardous, but then there are always good people to come along and help. I guess it's just that everyone has a totally crappy day every now and then ;)

  2. oh man, I dont even want to think about blowing out a tire, I have been shown how to change a tire before but I think I would be pretty nervous on the side of the road trying to do it. Having a car in the city is totally worth all the troubles though, I love my car so much!

  3. I have a similar ny car story but without the happy ending and cookies.