July 11, 2012

Some of the new things in the shop this week. Those 1970s sandals are my favorite, I wanted them to fit me so badly but alas I am a size 8. I found them this past weekend, after waking up super early in the morning and going to a series of estate sales that were total busts, I found them at one of my regular thrifts, I was so psyched. I never have luck with estate sales, the ones I went to this week were exceptionally bad. At one house I was momentarily excited to see several boxes of cut up paper clippings because I love ephemera, when I got closer I saw that all they contained were expired coupons. From the 1980s! Why this lady had hundreds and hundreds of them I do not know. They actually made me feel pretty sad. There was a lesson to be learned from those boxes. So now I am back in the city trying to survive this hot summer. My apartment building is so hot. The guy downstairs lives in a windowless apartment so last week he sawed a square opening in his wall and installed a window air conditioner, the backside just faces out into the hallway. I'm pretty sure that they aren't meant to be used that way, for one thing it makes the hallway super crazy hot, it's stifling. Also I am paranoid that I am breathing in freon or something so I try not to breathe when I go in and out of the house. The lights stopped working in the hallway too so at night it is pitch black and hot and I just hold onto the bannister to make my way down the stairs holding my breath. Lately I have been wondering why I live here, it's kind of crazy sometimes.

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