September 22, 2012

I've probably posted some of these photos here before, a long time ago. They were all taken by my grandfather, he was always taking awesome pictures of pretty much everything. Today was his funeral and it was so sad! I could not stop crying. Afterwards at my grandma's house she showed us their wedding album, it was full of pictures of them getting married in the 1940s in the very same church that the funeral was just held today. Everything was sad but the part where you place a flower on the casket at the graveyard right before they lower it down, I think that was the saddest part. Anyways here are some of his awesome photos. The ones I scanned are mostly of my mom and aunt, they went camping a lot. The tenth photo down is of the first poodle I ever had, Leo. His poodle name was "Stormy Lane Summer Wine" which always fascinated me when I was little.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I still miss mine so much and really feel for you on your loss. These photos are really wonderful. Looks like one of his cameras had a beautiful rainbow light leak. No wonder you were fascinated by the poodle's name! It WAS pretty fantastic. : )